Within 24 Hours Tons of Murders are Investigated by Jackson Police Department

Jackson Police Department
Within 24 hours, Jackson Mississippi police are once again investigating multiple major crimes. Around 7 pm Monday at Grand Avenue and Rose Street a shooting occured according to JPD spokesman Sam Brown. A gray SUV contained the body of 43 year old Timothy Swann who was shot to death. After being shot, Timothy wrecked the vehicle into a fence, a tree, and other vehicles. Investigators are working the case for possible motive and supsects.


Another incident occured around 9PM on December 6 on County Line Road that detectives are investigating.

56 year old, stabbed wound victim Tommy Anderson, was dropped off at Saint Dominic Hospital by a black female driving a black car. Suffering from stab wounds to the chest and left side, Tommy passed away at the hospital.

Sabrina Crawford, 50 year old suspect, turned herself into the Jackson Police Department. She is charged with murder.

December 7th an aggravated assault and kidnapping occured on Morton Avenue.

A black male shot a 18-year-old female after a fight with the black male’s girlfriend. The black male and girlfriend took a 2-month-old child. The child was safely returned but the suspects are still at large.

How to Report Information

Contact JPD at 601-960-1234 if you have any information about this crime.

How it Relates

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