Warrior Alabama Residents Not Receiving Mail

warrior alabama

In over a week, some Warrior Alabama residents have not received mail.

“We are not getting our mail, we’re not getting our first-class mail, we’re not getting our packages.” say some of the people.

Lyndia Blackburn said when the normal carriers are on her route, things go smoothly, but that hasn’t been the case lately.

“I received something yesterday that said a package was attempted to be delivered to our house. We were home, so it was not. I was instructed to come up and pick it up. I just came from inside, and they said our regular carrier’s back, the package I was supposed to pick up was not here,” Blackburn said.

Donald Maise states that he stopped by the post office to get an explanation.

“And they said, well…they were just overwhelmed, and had extra people making deliveries, etc. And I can understand that being this time of year, but not any mail at all for…this is the tenth day…something somewhere is going on with my mail. There could be some correspondence from the IRS that we’ve been negotiating over, and I sure would hate to miss a deadline on that,” Maise said.

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