Residents Are Tired of Hinds County Board Members

hinds county

Residents of Hinds County in Mississippi are tired of supervisors behavior. This past Monday’s meeting erupted into fights and yelling throughout the meeting. Nothing was accomplished.

“It’s very disturbing. It does not reflect well for what Hinds county could be,” said Irish Patrick Williams.

“We’re sick of it,” said Patrick. “We’re sick of the disruptions of the meetings and the not being able to handle county business, and that is what the taxpayers are paying for. We’re paying for them to handle county business.”

Voters are saying that the antics are not good leadership examples.

“I was just really in shock,” said Hinds County resident Clora McCelllis. “I knew a lot of things have been going on, but to me, it was just ridiculous and was so immature. I think they need to (get) themselves together, act like adults”.

“The guys need to get together,” said 61-year resident Robert Lampton. “Get a mediator, somebody in the room when they talk and keep them at a board meeting level of keeping your emotions to yourself and just speak what you feel and what needs to be done in your district in the county.”

“Better conduct, more civility, more intelligence on the part of our leaders,” said Alvin F. Stamps whose lived in the county for nearly 70 years. “These guys are supposed to be our leaders. I didn’t see anything I could follow there yesterday”.

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