Red Guardian will Surprise You in Every Way

red guardian

Red Guardian is currently being developed with an awesome cast.

Scarlett Johansson’s solo flick, Black Widow, introduced David Harbour as Red Guardian.

Fans and Disney bosses congratulated David on his acting as the character.

They believed he did so well that he might lead as the character in a unique series.

Many people within Disney, along with David Harbour, began talking about the possibility.

Scarlett Johansson’s Claim Against Disney

After the release of Black Widow, the discussion moved to Scarlett’s claim against Disney.

The actress, if you recall, accused Disney of financial manipulation that caused her to miss out on making millions from Black Widow.

To keep Scarlett’s claims from overshadowing David Harbour’s financial future, he increased discussion of his character’s solo project.

Red Guardian Becoming a Series or Movie

If the Red Guardian was to becoming a series or movie, David knew he had to stay on top of things.

He stated conversations were taking place earlier this year.

He hoped it would produce a solo series or movie for Red Guardian.

However, after several delays, it was looking like the possibility was decreasing because of Scarlett’s claim to Disney.

Recently, Scarlet and Disney have set their differences aside and have repaired their relationship with one another.

This help to free up Disney’s attention so that it could be focused on David Harbour’s idea.

Several discussions took place and the Red Guardian series or movie project looked like it would eventually happen.

After several delays, a source has come forward to report that David Harbour will star as the Red Guardian in an upcoming series.

The new series will stream on Disney Plus as a recent addition to the Wonder Cinematic Universe.

Plot of the Series or Movie

It is now in development, so David Harbour’s previous interpretation of the timeline appears right.

The source did not specify the plot of Red Guardian series.

However, the source had time to follow up with David about the plot to see if could reveal any information about the plot.

Harbour said that the series may center on the character’s beginning or something else entirely.

One concern for a beginning story could be the actor’s age.

David Harbour would require either a lot of make-up or CGI to make him more youthful.

Just how much more youthful would David Harbour require would depend on the VFX artists behind the series.

The artists may decide CGI would be the more realistic approach.

CGI has come a long way and has proven to be better than make-up departments sometimes.

David believes that it’s something the make-up department can handle.

Tackling various points in the timeline seems like a solid alternative for the Wonder Cinematic Universe.

The series could make sure that David Harbour’s Red Guardian could disclose things from the past that pertain to the general Marvel Cinematic Universe story.

It would not have to set up as many things in the current timeline.

This could help reduce creation time and add to the series bottom line.

Marvel Studios has done this method of storytelling before in Captain America: The First Avenger and Bri Larson’s Captain Marvel.

The storytelling method has proven its worth of film after film again.

This concept could be a possibility for Red Guardian.

David Harbour also pitched a second concept that occurs after Endgame.

Harbour intended to see his personality learn of Black Widow’s fatality, hear the tale wrong, and afterwards pursue Hawkeye on a vengeance mission.

Because of the post-credits scene of Black Widow involving Florence Pugh’s character, it seems unlikely that they took this pitch for Red Guardian.

With David Harbour appearing so passionate for Red Guardian, its casting will be terrific.

This will imply even more looks for his hero in other tasks leading up to the new series.

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