Predator Series will be a Visual Event Like No Other

Predator Series

Predator series is coming so you better be ready.

With outer space franchises, four stand out among the rest; Alien, Dune, Star Wars, and Predator.

Predator franchise fans will not have to wait much longer for a series.

For some time, there has been speculation that a series was in the works.

These rumors have been going around the internet for several years.

Finally, a source has come forward to put these rumors to rest.

They have said that streaming giant Hulu is creating a TV series based on previous Predator films.

Predator Series confirmed by Hulu

A representative from Hulu has stated that the series is confirmed.

The series is in development and will stream in 2023 on Hulu with Noah Hawley directing.

Fans of Predator can finally rejoice and breathe a sense of relief.

Hulu plans on starting production soon. No casting roles have been publicly stated.

If Hulu’s plans come together, this would create a Predator franchise universe.

However, others believe Hulu has no plans for creating a Predator universe.

The source did not go into specifics why they did not believe that was the case, but said that it was just unlikely.

Prey Prequel

The series will start after the prequel film Prey, which is set 300 years in the past.

The prequel film will follow Naru, a warrior established to secure her tribe.

The movie may skip a theatrical launch and stream on Hulu in the summer of 2022.

Having a Predator movie launch only on Hulu is great for the platform.

The movie can also help launch the franchise’s series as well.

Alien Series

Fargo and Noah Hawley are also filming an Alien TV series for the FX channel.

The new Alien series plot will take place on earth and stream in 2023.

Some Predator series representatives have suggested that the series will cross over into the Alien franchise.

However, others believe that it’s most likely that Disney, owner of Hulu, will not perform the crossover.

Even though the movie cross-overs did not do well at the box office, it is possible that the TV version will.

Platform Streaming

If the new predator series and cross-overs happen, they may not stream on Disney’s other platform Disney Plus because of the gore content.

It is no secret that Disney Plus targets a younger audience than what Hulu does.

although it is pure speculation that a crossover will happen since both properties being owned by the same company, there is a chance that it will happen.

If Disney is seeking to ramp up the content on Hulu and make it a larger mainstay.

Thus, making use of the Hulu platform to develop films like Predator feels like the right direction.

For Netflix, Disney is the only other company that can compete on a catalog and quality level.

It is unknown if the Predator series will have the same characters as the upcoming Prey movie.

The movie opens the door for fresh stories being told in the series at different places in time.

The timing of the Alien and Predator series is similar.

Both are some of the best franchises that Disney received when they purchased 20th Century Fox.

The franchisees feature dark material that could be too much for younger audiences that Disney Plus caters to.

Hulu, owned by Disney, may be a better platform for dark material and connect with a larger audience.

The Hulu platform is known for edgier content than what Disney Plus shows.

It is intelligent to create films based on popular franchises in order to draw the biggest audiences.

Predator could prove as popular on the small screen as the big screen.

If it is successful, be prepared for more Predator movies and spin-offs.

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