Texas Chainsaw Massacre Offers Up Gory Details

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a rebooted sequel to the original film.

Even though his family has been cutting folks up for years, Leatherface is back, and he’s looking scarier than ever before.

This chainsaw-wielding madman, who has been around for over half a century, is back in true form.

The new film will touch on the over-all story’s origins.

Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre looks every bit the distressing slasher we were treated to in the mid-70s.

Leatherface could have even learned a thing or two in his aging, which is bad for any person who crosses his path.

This chilling version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film is returning us to Harlow, Texas.

Harlow is a place you would assume anyone would be hard-pressed to go to after the bloodbath that took place in the 1970s.

This new film contains a lot of unaware twenty-year-olds who assume they are invincible and can’t review the warning signs.

This new group will get a rude awakening since Leatherface has been practicing with his preferred tool of choice.

And also it does not seem like several of them are going to get out alive.

In the Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer Leatherface is bringing the titular power saw out of retirement, fishing it out of an old wall in an abandoned home.

Maybe the same home as from the initial flick, run-down and run-down.

Makes good sense considering it’s difficult to think of any brand-new family members intending to move in as well as fix up the location.

Besides, this was the scene of the massacre.

More Info

The new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film is ready to be a direct follow up to the 1970s original.

It completely disregards every other movie that came after it.

In this one, a team of young people go to Harlow to turn their lives around.

They meet Sally Hardesty, the only survivor of the original bloodbath in the very first flick.

She’s played by Olwen Fouere because the original actress, Marilyn Burns, passed away a couple of years back.

There’s a vintage feel to this Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot trailer.

Director David Blue Garcia, who took control of the manufacturing after Ryan and Andy Tohill were let go, did an amazing job.

The upgraded variation went back to the original flick’s origins and also maintained the timeline undamaged, so we are getting an older variation of the original outstanding.

It’s a fascinating move for the franchise that’s had a variety of starts and also stops over the last several decades.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is readied to launch on Netflix in February of the following year.

If the trailer is any type of sign, this next film could note a reset for the flagging franchise business.

2017s Leatherface should have done that, but it terribly missed the mark and also ended up making only $1.5 million at the box office.

This following reboot could be a solid course correction for Leatherface and his family.

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