Jackson Curfew is being Debated in Jackson City Council

Within four days, murder has once again gripped the capital city of Mississippi. The Jackson City Council December 7th Tuesday meeting discussed ways to curb crime. Police confirmed 135 homicides so far in 2021. “I fear for the life of my nephew, along for myself,” Lua Horne said. “Being so close, like we said it was at home, you can just hear it.”

Witness Account

Horne was at her Rose Street home Monday when gun shots were heard. 43 year old Timothy Swan, according to JPD, was shot and killed at the corner of Grand Avenue and Rose Street. Even though there has been a lot of discussion about crime, talk is cheap according to Horne.

“It’s not speaking well with Jackson really,” Horne said. “I know the officials and everything are talking about crime all the time, but I would love to see action.”

Curfew Suggestion

Tuesday’s council meeeing, council members had concern for the crime in Jackson.

A city-wide curfew was suggested by Councilman Kenneth Stokes as a step in the right direction.

“They do what we call in my neighborhood, they’re hustling, they selling dope, they involved in prostitution, they’re car jacking. All the illegal things you can think about,” Stokes said.

Another idea was to involve social workers to enforce curfews and to hold parents accountable for their kids criminal actions.

“They cannot just sit back and watch their children destroy this city and nothing happen to the parents,” Stokes said.

The city council will continue to look into curfews and ways to enforce them.

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