How will 5G Technology Affect Air Travel?

The anticipated 5G rollout near airports made headlines nationally. Experts wish to make it public knowledge why this is so exciting for Oklahomans.

5G technology is faster internet services and better connections.

Cellular companies, AT&T and Verizon, originally planned this past Wednesday to activate this technology but from FAA concerns 5G towers could cause some interference, it was delayed.

“When you go to the airport, a lot of us go to WIFI and do our business and emails and so on,” stated Hazem Refai, OU – Tulsa professor.

Professor Dr. Hazem Refai said the greatest concern is that 5G interference with the cockpit altitude controls of aircrafts.

 A device called an altimeter is used to measure altitude that is based on the surrounding air pressure.

The 5G connection might disrupt the altimeter’s functions, which is dangerous for passengers onboard.

“It becomes a safety issue,” stated Refai. “A big safety issue.”

There are several new 5G towers in Tulsa, Oklahoma; but Tulsa International Airport is fortunately not on the list of potential airports that could be affected by it.

Refai states he is glad the airlines take the interference threat of 5G seriously.

“I am relieved that at least were now breaking on and breaking the deployment around the airports… looking into it more carefully to make sure that more interference could cause any catastrophic event around the airport,” Refai stated.

Refai is hopeful the delay will allow more time for additional research to be performed.

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