Home Alcohol Delivery is Now Available in Mississippi

Alcohol delivery is now available in Mississippi according to the Department of Revenue. There are approximately 12 licensed companies that can deliver liquor to homes.

Mississippi Moonoshine Business

Raj Ramarao’s Moonshine Mississippi business will take your order, pick it up from the store, and deliver it to your front door. You will have to have your ID scanned to confirm your of legal age.

There are about 6 drivers ready to go with more to follow according to Ramarao.

“As of today, you can get your food delivered to your home, your groceries and even your coffee. A lot of places, so why not alcohol?” Ramarao said.

Stores Accepting Orders

One of the stores accepting orders is Madison Cellars. Even though there are unknowns with the new addition to the alcohol sales business, Pete Clark things convience will be a key feature for customers.

“It is the convenience. Our customers, some are going to be too busy to get here, especially during the holidays, or they forgot and need a bottle of this, or a bottle of that,” Clark said. “Why not have it delivered, and they don’t have to make that extra trip.”

Law Details

After lawmakers approved the new law earlier this year, there is a list of prohibitions, such as you cannot have alcohol brought to counties or cities that are dry.

“There are plenty of ABC agents across the state and they are allowed to be checked up on any time. That is part of the agreement they signed when they signed on to do it,” said Jacob Manely, with the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

Mississippi and Alabama are the latest of 35 states to allow customers to get alcohol delivered to them. The new law says that deliveries can only be made within 30 miles of the liquor store where the order is placed.

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