Belhaven Car Jackings Increase

The Belhaven community, located in Jackson, Mississippi has seen an increase in car jackings. Jackson Police Department has stepped up patrols, but it has having little effect.

What Residents are Saying

“This robs you of more than your possessions,” said Sara Sullivan. “It robs you of your sense of safety and security.”

This past weekend, two carjackings took place.

“I want to feel safe coming home by myself,” said Sullivan. “I don’t want to pull up at my house and constantly be looking over my shoulder and wondering if somebody has been following me through the neighborhood.”

One of the stolen vehicles was used in armed robber on Terry Road.

What Residents Want

“Actually, one put his gun to my chest and hollered keys,” said Chestnut. “I said sir, if you shoot me, I go straight to heaven, and the other guy just hollered keys.”

Residents want more done despite Jackson Police Department patrols.

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