Ant Man and the wasp 3 worth the surefire buzz?

ant man and wasp 3

Ant Man and Wasp 3 (the next marvel adventure with our beloved Paul Rudd) is coming along schedule nicely. 

It is astonishing the dedication and swiftness they’re bringing these adventures to the fans who love them!

With significant productions that are coming down the pike, it is easy to misplace the many tales surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We are all being treated to a brand-new series on the streaming platform, Disney Plus.

Also, we are having the mother of all smash hits being available in a few brief weeks. 

Get ready for a new and improved Ant man and wasp 3!

Ant Man and Wasp 3

Ant-Man and Wasp 3 is coming to the big screen.

Fans believe the movie will be significant to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This significance will bring huge implications for the universe and its various realities. 

Think of the possibilities!

Ant-Man 3 will introduce the universe’s most effective villain and present another one as well.

A source has it that MODOK is going to make his live-action debut in Ant-Man 3 played by the very hilarious Jim Carrie.

It could be an intriguing enhancement to the franchise, something unique than what we have seen in the past.

But considering this film might remain to move through the Multiverse or at the very least one variation of truth, adding a personality like MODOK could help to explain other story lines.

The Villians

The bad guys are getting more and more dangerous and effective, diverging just a little off the original Avengers timeline.

This is going to be an exciting series of stories that will be packed with action and outstanding character build-ups.

While details on this involvement of MODOK in Ant-Man 3 are thin, it is most likely that we get the George Tarleton version of the character.

He was the first MODOK which is an acronym for Mental Mobile Mechanized Microorganism Designed Only for Killing.

By doing this, there isn’t all that much complication concerning the personality’s major function.

He is microorganism murder equipment through and through.

Yet he’s more than that with a ridiculous skill set.

The character was an experiment that failed. 

The experiment was supposed to increase his knowledge, but it resulted in an oversized floating head with lowered arms and legs. 

A combination of something so extraordinary and so lethal.

Whether MODOK takes this specific type in Ant Man and wasp 3 stays to be seen.

The comic book version, while ominous, is silly looking.

And also the other variation we have now, an animated series on Hulu with Patton Oswalt articulating the personality, is a straight-up comedy.

Again, while MODOK is a formidable opponent, he does not reduce the same threatening view display.

As well as a live-action variation in Ant Man and wasp 3 and the wasp could be challenging to pull off.

That’s why showing up in one of the funnier Wonder offerings most likely makes good sense.

Along with seeing MODOK in Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantumania, presuming it takes place, we are going to get an additional large Wonder villain in this one too.

That’s because it’s already been validated that Jonathan Majors will be Kang the Conqueror in this one.

We saw him during the events of Loki, though, because one he was The One That Stays.

After the events of that show, though, we know he changes back to a variation of Kang that Paul Rudd and also Evangeline Lilly as Scott Land and also Hope van Dyne will certainly be up against.

We will certainly see it all play out when Ant-Man 3 hits the big screen on July 28, 2023.

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