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News Line Press began in January 2021 with an idea of delivering quality news.

Local news does not provide quality content because of the focus on advertising.

It corrects the issues by depending on multiple revenue sources.

It stream-lines media into quality content.

By focusing more on content instead of advertising, it connects quality information to its audience.

News Line Press Content

News Line Press delivers content via its website, audio, and video programs.

With more focus on quality, audiences will enjoy news more.

It provides factual news with less opinions.

Content does not lean in one political direction, it leans in the factual direction.

Connecting Audiences

News Line Press understands younger audiences.

This audience gets their news from social media and direct sources via mobile devices.

They want straight to the point facts, not a long misleading news article.

Younger people connect more with News Line Press programming.

Short video broadcast and audio podcasts help young audiences stay more focused.

Why Alabama and Mississippi

Because of high story rates, News Line Press chose Alabama and Mississippi for their base of operations.

Another reason was because of the lack of focus on quality content.

Alabama and Mississippi provide unique stories that deserve to be told in a way that all audiences can understand and enjoy.

When stories get lost in a wave of advertisements, audiences lose sight of what the message is.

To many Alabama and Mississippi news organizations prioritize advertising revenue by losing the delivery of the message.

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